The Preserve Trail Map

NEW! Iterim Trails have been blazed.  Here is the current map for download.


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OAK (Outdoor Adventure Kids) is a nature based club for Old Saybrook students in grades K-6 and their families. The club's four annual events focus on the discovery and enjoyment of Old Saybrook's natural resources. Recent activities have included moonlight hikes, beach explorations, trail maintenance and stewardship, and scavenger hunts in the woods. Every year the Acton Library exhibits photographs taken by members on the winter hike. OAK provides opportunities for families to appreciate the diverse habitats of the shore and uplands and connect with our rich natural environment. Hopefully, members will also have so much fun while learning that they will grow up to be good stewards in the future. For more information email:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

To join, simply print and fill out the membership form. The initial membership fee of $5 is the only cost, our events are free. Members receive an OAK handbook containing trail maps, animal track identification guides and games.